Online Consultations

Online Consultations


Color Consultation: $45 per room

If you’re at a standstill as to what color of paint to use in a room, this is your chance to get the help you need. It might seem easy but you really have to take into consideration the existing décor and furnishings. Difficulty also presents itself if rooms have common walls. Nearby rooms that are in eyesight can also present problems. Just the right color can really transform a room. Simply e-mail pictures of the rooms you would like this service for and you will be sent paint chips that you can put up on the wall to make your personal color choice.
Furniture Arrangement Service: $60 per room

If you’re ready for a change, whether it’s after years of having the same furniture arrangement, different purpose for the room or just a change in the season, this is the service for you. Furniture can look different in different places in a room or from one room to the next. You will be asked to send pictures of every room in your house that furniture is in so that trading out could be done instead of purchasing new furniture. This will not only save you money but also let you enjoy the pieces you’ve collected over the years. You will also be asked for measurements of the room you’d like rearranged. You will then be given a report as to what pieces to move elsewhere in the room, giving you a whole new look. If I feel you DO need to purchase other pieces, that will be included in the report.

Accessorizing Service: $60 per room

If you’ve already completed the redecorating of a room and just need help to give it that “wow” factor, then this is where I can help you. After all of your hard work, putting all the accessories in just the right places will help pull the look together and make more of an impact. If you have not purchased the furniture arrangement service and submitted pictures of rooms around your house previously, you will be asked to do so. This will provide me with a feel of how you live and what we have to work with. Anything that I feel you might need but do not have, will be recommended to you so that you could go out and purchase them. Suggestions of retail stores, catalog purchases or online shopping sites will be given to you so that you can browse to pick out your preferences. My priority is to save you money though so I always suggest you use what you have, first.

All of the Above: $150 per room(A $15 savings from being purchased separately):

If you’re starting with a blank slate or an absolute “do-over”, then this service is your best value. This includes the color consultation, furniture arrangement and accessorizing services all rolled into one. This is a $15 savings if the services were purchased separately. This would give you the most answers for less money and be the most economical choice of my services.

Staging Service: $120 per entire house

In general, staged homes sell quicker and for more money than un-staged homes. First impressions make all the difference in getting your house sold. You only have 10 seconds to make an impact on the people walking in your door. It can be very stressful getting your house ready to be sold. How you have your home decorated to live and how you need to have it decorated to sell are two very different scenarios. Getting your house ready for the market can be stressful. I can provide the priorities for you on what is the best use of your energy, time and money. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. After you provide photos of each room, you will then be given a detailed report as to the staging process to get your house sold. If you’re going to be calling a realtor or putting your house on the market yourself, do NOT do so before FIRST staging. You want to make a good impression on the realtor by giving them a good idea as to the best presentation of your property. Potential buyers that come in will NOT come back if you do the changes later. Their first impression was already made and that is irreversible. Stage FIRST!


If you are interested in any of the above services, please use the contact form and I will give you further information.

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