10 Steps to Organization in Any Room

If your rooms are organized and simple to use, your life will feel easier. Below are 10 easy steps to organize your kitchen, office or any room in your house. They will make your family life flow more smoothly.

1. Go through everything in each cabinet and drawer. Mark boxes or have separate areas on the floor for “keep”, “donate”, “trash” or “move”. Keep only those items which are absolutely essential. Donate items that are still in good shape but are not frequently used or duplicate items. Throw away broken items. Be ruthless and try to detach yourself from the memories of the items. You will STILL have the memory and don’t need a memento for every single occasion or milestone. Storage space is usually at a minimum, so keep only those things that you use and love.

2. Consider the best use of space in your cabinets and drawers once they are empty. Think about your flow in the space for working. Things that are only occasionally should be stored in upper cabinets and the backs of drawers. Items for certain tasks should be stored together (i.e., baking items, mail supplies, etc.).

3. Decide where each group of items should be stored. Think about how to cut down the number of steps you take going back and forth to do a certain task. Create a flow during the process. Store the items accordingly.

4. Use containers inside your cabinets. Rolling clear-drawer cabinets are great for knowing what you have. Group like-items together (i.e., different sizes of envelopes, sauce and gravy mixes, etc.).

5. Anything that has more than one item to do a task should be stored together. Store pot lids with the pot or pan they match in size to save time when you need to use it. Make a coffee station in your kitchen underneath the coffee cups. Make sure there are coffee filters in the cabinet, along with non-dairy creamers and the actual coffee. Use stackable desk trays to store each kind of paper in a different one.

6. Use vertical space. Place hooks or storage racks on the back of doors and cabinets. This will free up a lot of counter or desk space. Any free wall space can store anything from spices in your kitchen to instruction manuals in your office. A pot rack in the kitchen works well for freeing up cabinet space. However, any space you can use to store something behind doors will make a room look less cluttered.

7. To hold things such as oils, vinegars, spices, etc. in the kitchen or stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, etc. in the office, use lazy susans. They can be used on countertops, inside cabinets, on desks or storage closets.

8. For junk or utensil drawers, use inexpensive silverware trays. The divisions make it easier to find something when you need it. Each item has its own place instead of having an overfilled drawer. Organizing not only looks better; it also saves precious time.

9. Even though keeping things off of the front of your refrigerator or filing cabinets makes it look less cluttered, you CAN use the sides. Keep a notepad and pen on these to make handy notes or grocery lists. Using the sides is a lot less noticeable than walking into the room and seeing a lot of papers, etc. on these items.

10. Save time by keeping extra trash bags in the bottoms of all your trash cans. This saves a lot of time. Refill the extras about once a month. While you’re getting ready to take your trash out for pick-up, go through your refrigerator and file drawers and see what can be tossed out. Keeping your life rid of unwanted items, keeps it more simple and easier to manage. Also, don’t bring in your mail and set it down. It has a tendency to pile up that way. Sort through it RIGHT at the trash can and immediately toss out junk mail and whatever else you don’t need to keep. Don’t forget to shred appropriate documents or blank applications for protection of privacy and credit ratings.

The purpose of all of these suggestions is to fit your personal work style which will better serve your needs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Decluttering and organizing your work spaces such as your kitchen, office and laundry room is an investiment of time and energy that will pay off for years to come in happiness.

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