Ten Inexpensive Ways to Make A Lasting First Impression

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Paint your front door and put on a new doorbell cover or knocker. Install a new door knob and kick plate. This will make all the difference.

2. Use vibrant colors on your walls. Taking cue from vibrant summer flowers, use these in at least one room in your house. Great choices are soft blues, vibrant greens and muted yellows. This will refresh and rejuvenate your home.

3. Change out fabrics. Either way you want to go, you can lighten up a room or warm it by the fabrics you choose. Choose white, bright solids or floral patterns for spring or summer or if you want a lighter feel in a room. Use darker, richer jewel tones for fall or winter or if you want a warmer feel in a room.Use a slipcover on the couch depending on the season. Throw pillows are inexpensive to buy and even cheaper to recover. Drapes can also be changed out.

4. Simple, beach themes. All those souvenirs you’ve brought back from your summer beach trips can be put to good use. Pick some of the prettier seashells and put around groupings of family pictures from those trips. Introduce nautical colors (blues and whites) into the room in pillows and picture frames. Use a clamshell as your dining room table centerpiece. If you haven’t been to the beach, online and catalog services are a great resource for these. Creativity is key.

5. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets. If they are just dirty, clean them with a wood cleaner and then use an orange spray product to put some shine back into them without having to re-stain or polyurethane them. If they are outdated, you can paint them and update the hardware. For more of a streamed-line look, remove the doors and trim out the edges.

6. Make an old ceiling fan more attractive. First of all, nothing is worse than seeing dust on a ceiling fan. It’s overhead so it’s going to fall on people or worse yet, on food. You can paint the old blades to match your décor or trade them out without having to replace the whole unit.

7. Quick makeover:declutter. In summer, store away your throws in the living room and your heavy blankets on your beds. You won’t be using all of your fireplace tools, so take those to storage as well. Minimize your knick knacks. Make sure your countertops and desk areas are clutter free. With less in your spaces, your house will appear to be larger and brighter.

8. Double the light. Mirrors in spaces have often been a trick-of-the-trade to double the illusion of light and space. Be careful where you place it though. You don’t want to double a reflection of the kitchen or some other space that will be messy at times. The best strategic placement of a mirror is where it can reflect natural light.

9. Use the garage for extra living space. Whatever your hobbies are, you can create a party atmosphere even if you don’t have an extra room dedicated for such. Clean out the garage, paint the walls and enjoy this bonus space. You can create home theaters, gyms, game rooms or computer rooms. You soon will be the most popular house on the block. So have some friends over and have a party!

10. Going green: Not literally, but with all the hype on recycling, this is just another way you can contribute to the cause. By using old furniture, frames or just about anything, you can refurbish it by repainting it for a new look or recycling it by using it in another part of your home. Give to another friend who’s decorating. They’ll love that it’s free!

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    January 1, 2010 | 12:24 pm

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