10 Quick Projects To Do in a Day or Weekend

So the in-laws called and are coming next weekend. Your old high school friend is dropping by for a day on her trip through town. That’s certainly not enough time to tackle a big project on your house but here are some suggestions for small projects with big impact.

candles_78601. Candles. With all the sizes and scents, you can use these on a plate/charger from your kitchen for a coffee table or dining room centerpiece. If it’s not the season to use your fireplace, add these onto a mirror to give a warm glow. Groupings can be added on top of mantels. Don’t forget about the spare bedroom and bathrooms too.

2. Candlesticks. Remember. Mixing styles always creates more interest than matchy-matchy. This goes for candlesticks as well. So group all your crystal ones together on top of your mantel. This is another idea for your coffee table or dining room table.

3. Paint. If you have enough time, paint at least one accent wall in your living room or dining room. Choose artwork to really make it “pop”. Also think of small furniture projects. The small desk that you wanted for your guest room could really use a makeover so why not use cheap paint? Stencils can add that special touch of whimsy.

4. Window coverings. Go out and hit clearance sales or the discount retail stores. Microsuede is a fabric that looks rich, resists stains and adds elegance to any room. Remember to hang them wider and higher than the actual window to make them look bigger. Even a simple valance will make a difference.

5. Rugs. For a simple flooring solution, rugs are a great economic solution. You might not have time to order and install new carpet or wood floors. Define areas and cover a multitude of problem areas with fresh, brightly colored rugs.

towels16. Towels. Nothing says makeover in a bathroom like new towels. They are available anywhere in any kind of price range. The selections of colors and prints will add to any décor and make a tired-looking bathroom feel fresher.

7. Accessories. The right choice in accessories makes the difference between something looking hodge-podge and really put together. Group family photos on a piano or sofa table. Add a candle for illumination. Different frames don’t matter but try to have them all be of one type, such as wood or silver. Pull out some books from your bookshelf and put some fresh flowers in a vase on top. Use your imagination with what you already have in your house but look at them with a whole new eye to create a new look.

uplight-plant18. Up-lights/plants. Even grocery stores these days sell nice, healthy plants inexpensively. Buy a couple of these and if you place them in a corner behind a piece of furniture, then place an up-light behind it to create shadows on a wall. This way you don’t have to worry about a new pot until after your guests leave, as the ones they come in aren’t meant to be permanent homes for the plants. These will add life, color and texture to your room.

9. Vinyl floor tiles. If you have a whole weekend before your guests arrive, take one day to lay new vinyl floor tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. The peel-and-stick kind give you a lot of choices and are easy to install. There are lots that even look like real tile. Be sure to install according to manufacturer’s directions, first finding the center of your floor and working outward toward the edges. It will make all the difference in the look of the finished product.

slipcover110. Slipcovers. Of course, you don’t want to go out and buy new furniture. Maybe your furniture just needs cleaned, not changed out. You can clean it or if you aren’t going to have time to do that and allow drying time, try slipcovers. These are easy, inexpensive solutions for tired-looking pieces. They are readily available in all types of retail stores. Better yet, keep them on hand anyway for summertime. With SPF lotions and sweat from outdoor activities, using these during that season is a great idea since all you have to do is throw them in the washer rather than cleaning your furniture.

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